Three Tales of Wisdom

AYANA - Listen to the tale of how Anansi's magic helps Ayana get to the Harvest Festival, despite the fact that her two sisters fail to follow the Seven Principles of the value system ... REMEMBERING GARVEY - Hear the tale of how a young brother growing up in New York City learns the story of the mighty Marcus Garvey ... JABARI'S JOURNEY - Experience the tale of Jabari's Journey and discover how he finds wisdom through his encounters with spiders, lions, warriors, elephants, cockroaches, camels, and birds ... - Extra Treat! ANCIENT PROVERBS! A potpourri of African Proverbs provide food for wise thought and action ... To listen to 30 second clips from each of the audio chapters, visit Taifa's Main Site and click on "The Author."
Three Tales of Wisdom CD audiobook cover.
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  • Manufacturer: Legacy Empowerment Enterprises
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